Belotero® Lips Shape + | 1 x 0.6 ml

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  • Injection depth: Lips
  • Indication: for gentle correction of the lips


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Belotero Lips Shape + for fuller lips with more volume

Strong lifting power and increased treatment comfort



Belotero Lips Shape + from Merz is an injectable, reticulated hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin based on the innovative CPM technology. In this process, hyaluronic acids of varying viscosity are combined to form a preparation – a process that Dermal Filler overall very stable, long lasting and easy to inject. Due to the high concentration of hyaluronic acid, the gel implant binds water very well, whereby a strong lifting power can be achieved. For increased treatment comfort, the product contains 0.3 percent lidocaine – a local anesthetic that reduces the patient’s sensation of pain. Belotero Lips Shape + is based on a concept that aims to adjust the appearance of the lips without the result appearing unnatural. By giving the hyaluronic acid gel a natural volume to the upper and lower lips, the cupid arch can be accentuated, fine lip wrinkles minimized and the lip edges contoured. In addition, heavily drooping corners of the mouth are visibly lifted. The secret of the product lies in the unique CPM technology, which ensures exceptional stability, easy injection and long durability. The gel implant has both fixed and flexible zones, so that the hyaluronic acid it contains can be optimally integrated into the tissue. The result is natural results that last for several months.

Natural and fabric-like with Belotero Lips Shape +

With increasing age not only the skin loses Elasticity and resilience – Over the years, the lips also often lose contour and volume. But younger people also often have to fight with narrow or uneven lips due to their disposition. Patients who want fuller lips with more volume can benefit noticeably from an injection of Belotero Lips Shape +. With the included Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is broken down naturally by the body over time. This means that the patient’s body is not supplied with foreign substances to which he or she could possibly react allergically. As the hyaluronic acid gel degrades itself after some time through the body’s own processes, the result is not permanent – but it can be maintained by means of post-treatment if desired. All in all, Belotero Lips Shape + Lidocaine is an innovative hyaluronic acid gel that provides a gentle Lip treatment for more volume, a more natural sensuality and more beautiful contours The preparation is also suitable for the treatment of strongly hanging corners of the mouth. Belotero Lips Shape + Lidocaine 0.6ml should only be used by an experienced doctor or trained alternative practitioner.