Belotero® Volume 2 x 1 ml

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  • Injection depth: Deep dermal subcutaneous, supraperiostal
  • Indication: restoration of facial volume, cheeks and chin


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Belotero Volume for a stable and intensive volume increase

Uncomplicated application and long-lasting effect

Belotero Volume from Merz Ästhetik is a Dermal filler for a stable and intensive volume build-up in the area of the chin, cheeks and the bridge of the nose Also for the correction of deeper Folds the product is suitable. The injectable, net-like hyaluronic acid gels of non-animal origin is based on the modern CPM Technologyin which various cross-linked hyaluronic acids, which are identical to human, are combined to form a gel implant. Thus the Preparation very stable, easily injected and well tolerated. Due to the special Manufacturing process can also be a long-lasting effect can be achieved. Like all other modern dermal fillers, Belotero Volume is synthetic, i.e. not from animal tissue, produced. For this reason the preparation is also suitable for people with a vegan lifestyle. In the aesthetical medicine the hyaluronic acid gel has long since proven its worth in the area of skin rejuvenation. Thanks to its special production method, it adapts to the natural skin structures in the best possible way – for fresh and natural cosmetic results that will satisfy even the most demanding patients. With ultrafine cannulae the product can be injected very easily into the skin.

Safe and effective with Dermal Fillers

Belotero volume 2 x 1 ml is based on the unique CPM technology, where multi-cross-linked Hyaluronic acids can be assembled into a coherent gel implant. This ensures a long-lasting result with a high degree of naturalness – for a visibly rejuvenated appearance over many months. All in all, the preparation is primarily used for Volume increase in the face are used – for example to build up the chin, cheeks and the mandibular arch. The hyaluronic acid contained in the product can give the patient’s face new contours, which are the result of an age-related reduction in fatty tissue. As Dermal filler Belotero Volume of the new generation can also be used with fine cannulae into the skin in an uncomplicated way. The gel implant is characterized by its high stability and long-lasting results. The Safety and efficacy of the product have already been proven in numerous studies. In addition, Belotero Volume 2 x 1 ml was used during the twelfth AMEC beauty congress in Paris as best dermal filler with the coveted beauty award excellent. The result of a treatment is an obvious rejuvenation that lasts for many months.