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Fillmed AA-Lift Serum a firming serum for sagging skin with triple action that gradually improves the volume and elasticity of the skin

Deep restructuring and sustainable lifting effect

The Fillmed AA-Lift Serum is a firming serum for sagging skin with triple action, which gradually improves the volume and elasticity of the skin. The skin gets a “lifting” effect, which makes it feel firmer and firmer again. Elastin and collagen-enhancing ingredients provide a visible firming and lifting effect for all skin types, visibly rejuvenating the face. The serum contains ingredients such as xylose, collagen, sorghum juice and elastin peptide, which together have a very positive effect on the skin. By counteracting glycation, xylose ensures that the skin remains elastic. Collagen moisturizes the skin to make it optically smooth. Sorghum juice tightens the skin, while elastin peptide firms the skin and counteracts sagging. By restructuring the dermis and supporting the fibre support function, the active ingredients tighten the skin’s micro-network for a deep lifting effect. In addition, the application provides an immediate and lasting firming, tightening and skin strengthening result, giving the facial features a fuller and more defined appearance. The skin is restructured and its elasticity is permanently restored.

Smoothing and rejuvenating with Fillmed AA-Lift Serum

Fillmed by Filorga has for years enjoyed a unique position as a leading market player for aesthetical medicine and cosmetics – and with good reason: the company has always developed innovative products that are regularly approved by a scientific committee of internationally renowned experts, including doctors, biologists, pharmacists and beauticians. This ensures that only astonishingly competitive products are supplied to the aesthetic market. The Fillmed AA-Lift Serum falls into just this category: it is a firming serum with a triple action that makes the skin fuller and more elastic. It was developed for sagging skin that is struggling with the first to advanced signs of aging. Due to the Application the fabric is restructured – it gets a “lifting”, so to speak, which makes it feel firmer and tighter again. On the Treatment tailored for small wrinkles, fine skin lesions and superficial wrinkles, the serum, enriched with elastin and collagen peptides, visibly improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin Thanks to xylose, an essential sugar known for its anti-glycation properties, it increases the skin’s elasticity. This makes Fillmed AA-Lift Serum ideal for sagging skin with a lack of firmness and visible loss of elasticity. The application is very uncomplicated: Simply apply to the neck and face in the morning and evening – the serum can already unfold its full effect to restructure the patient’s skin in the long term.