TEOSYAL® Deep Lines Pure Sense 2 x 1 ml

174 Gross

  • Injection depth: deep dermis, subcutaneous and supramucosal
  • Indication: cheeks, chin and jaw line


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Teosyal Deep Lines Pure Sense for the treatment of deep facial wrinkles

Precise graduation and adapted viscoelasticity

Teosyal Deep Lines Pure Sense from Teoxane is a Dermal fillerwho has joined the Treatment deep facial wrinkles. These can be for example frown lines, nasolabial folds or puppet wrinkles. The highly viscous preparation of non-animal origin is 100 percent absorbable. Depending on the depth and extent of the wrinkles one or two treatments are required, to achieve an optimal result. After six to nine months it is recommended to TreatmentHowever, a smaller quantity of the preparation can be re-injected. Due to the integrated local anaesthetics Lidocaine the sensitivity and pain sensation of the patient during and after the treatment are reduced to a minimum. The ergonomic glass syringes with a rotating base and precise graduation allow precise and easy injection of the homogeneous, highly viscous and monophasic gel implant into the patient’s skin – with complete control of the injection quantity. Because the product is stable and highly pure, it decomposes much more slowly than comparable dermal fillers under the influence of free radicals. However, the greatest special feature of the product is its adjusted viscoelasticitythanks to which it can be used to fill in very pronounced wrinkles.

Sterile and homogeneous with TEOSYAL® Deep Lines Pure Sense

Teosyal Deep Lines Pure Sense is used to correct deep facial wrinkles, to compensate for Lack of volume and recommended to improve existing skin imperfections. Usually one treatment is scheduled – but depending on the depth of the wrinkles, two treatments may be necessary. One Follow-up treatment can take place after six to nine months. The included Lidocaine serves as a local anaesthetic for pain relief. A hyaluronic acid concentration of 25 milligrams per milliliter ensures that a good hydration of the skin can be maintained. Thus, in the areas neck, face and décolleté a visible rejuvenation is achieved. The viscoelastic gel implantwhich is based on sterile, cross-linked and transparent Hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin mainly contributes to maintaining the correct hydration of the skin. In order to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for the patient pleasant and painless as possible, the Dermal Filler also contains lidocaine – a component that has anaesthetic properties. Teosyal Deep Lines Pure Sense 2 x 1 ml is injected into the deep dermis. It is essential that the treatment be performed by qualified doctors and alternative practitioners with sufficient experience and special training. The average duration of effect depends on various aspects such as the type of injection, the depth of facial wrinkles and the patient’s skin type. Of course, the quantity of the injected preparation also has an influence on the durability.