TEOSYAL® Kiss Pure Sense 2 x 1 ml

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  • Injection depth: Superficial/middle dermis
  • Indication: lip contours and volume, wrinkles in the mouth area

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Teosyal Kiss Pure Sense for the treatment of lip contours, wrinkles around the mouth and lip volume

Extended durability and optimal long-term effect

Due to their strong blood circulation and great mobility, the lips are an area that is rather difficult to treat. For this reason, they require a special preparation that can handle this unusual task. Teosyal Kiss Pure Sense 2 x 1 ml of Teoxane is an exclusive and innovative filler product that was developed especially for the sensitive lip area. It is suitable for the treatment of lip contours, wrinkles around the mouth and lip volume. The gel implant is highly cross-linked to ensure extended durability and optimal long-term effect. To make the treatment as comfortable and pleasant as possible for both the user and the patient, the preparation contains 0.3 percent lidocaine. Teosyal Kiss Pure Sense is very viscous and easy to apply. A strong filling power ensures that lips and the corners of the mouth can be corrected particularly finely and accurately. The handy glass syringes in which the filler product is supplied are short and ergonomic. This means that the homogeneous, monophasic gel implant can be inserted into the patient’s skin precisely and easily, with absolute control of the injection quantity. The injection is made into the deep dermis. After six to nine months, a follow-up treatment is recommended – however, a smaller quantity of the filler product can be injected.

Cohesive and viscoelastic with TEOSYAL® Kiss Pure Sense

Teosyal Kiss Pure Sense was developed with care for the sensitive lip area. The Filler product is strongly cross-linked to guarantee an optimal long-term effect. The contained lidocaine is used to increase the Patient comfort and used to reduce the pain of the injection. The Preparation has ideal cohesive and viscoelastic properties, thanks to which it adapts naturally to every movement of the lips. Once it is inserted into the patient’s skin, the hyaluronic acid it contains is slowly broken down in the body. For this reason, the filler product does not have a permanent but rather a temporary Effectwhich lasts between nine and twelve months depending on age, skin type and lifestyle. If a follow-up treatment is desired, it should take place after six to nine months. All in all, Teosyal Kiss Pure Sense is a gentle and highly effective gel implant that Overall appearance of the lips quickly and easily by redefining the lip contours, reducing wrinkles around the mouth and increasing lip volume. With just one injection, immediate results are achieved with minimal Side effects achieved. The innovative needles and the high purity of the product help to minimize redness, swelling and inflammation. Only little injection force is required to insert the gel implant into the patient’s skin using the ultra-thin, lubricated needles with double-edged design.