TEOSYAL® RHA 1 I 2 x 1 ml

147 Gross

  • Injection depth: Superficial dermis, intradermal
  • Indication: Filling of wrinkles and skin imperfections, face, neck and neck line

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Teosyal RHA 1 for the treatment of fine lines and superficial wrinkles on the neck, face and décolleté

Long durability and high viscoelasticity

Teosyal RHA 1 from Teoxane is a dermal fillerThis product is designed to treat fine lines and superficial wrinkles on the neck, face and décolleté. In addition, wrinkles, aging skin and skin imperfections can also be efficiently corrected. The preparation has been cross-linked using a special patented process that preserves the natural characteristics of the hyaluronic acid molecules. The long molecule chains can move independently in a 3D network, which gives them high viscoelasticity and long durability. Especially the special needs of the dynamic facial areas can be fulfilled holistically. For this reason, the gel implant is particularly suitable for moving areas such as the mouth, cheeks and forehead. For example, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet and puppet wrinkles can be treated efficiently. Mimic wrinkles can also be padded up without any visible or obvious treatment. The special manufacturing process produces a hyaluronic acid gel with a high degree of purity which approximates the natural hyaluronic acid content of the skin. Even under heavy strain the product shows stretchy and resistant properties. By maintaining the dynamics of the face, Teosyal RHA 1 enhances beauty. The face is given volume without losing its naturalness.

Natural and dynamic with Dermal Fillers 

Teosyal RHA 1 2 x 1 ml is a dermal filler based on hyaluronic acid, which supports the face with every movement. Thus the Vitality and elasticity be preserved without the result creating an artificial impression. Behind the development of the product is the insight that it is not the static but rather the dynamic features that contribute significantly to the attractiveness and uniqueness of a face. The gel implantwhich is used to fill in wrinkles, fine lines and superficial wrinkles and skin imperfections gives the patient’s skin back its shine and radiance in the long term. Developed according to a new, patented Networking procedurein which the fundamental properties of the Hyaluronic acid molecules the preparation shows a great similarity to the skin’s own hyaluronic acid. While the artificial cross-linking of conventional dermal fillers can only be achieved by adding BDDE is possible, resulting in a rigid structure, the special crosslinking method of Teosyal RHA 1 requires significantly less BDDE. This results in a hyaluronic acid gel with high purity, whose natural results are immediately visible. As soon as the product has been applied to the skin by a doctor or alternative practitioner, it smoothes out lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections from within. Not only does it support the tissue – the skin also regains its youthful elasticity.