DermaSculpt 22G | 50mm | 20 pieces

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  • Indication: Blunt cannulas to enable precise and pain-reduced injection

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Dermasculpt – for volume increase and wrinkle treatment

High patient acceptance and excellent treatment results

The flexible Dermasculpt blunt cannulas from Cosmofrance feature a special cannula design with a blunt tip to enable precise and pain-reduced injections. Even larger amounts of hyaluronic acid can be distributed evenly and over a large area. In principle, Dermasculpt needles are particularly suitable for volume build-up and wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid. In contrast to conventional hyaluronic acid injections, the special injection with the blunt needles causes hardly any pain. Also swellings are rare because the Dermasculpt needles glide effortlessly through the tissue in the course of the special Skin Sculpting Technique. In addition, the Skin Sculpting Technique enables extremely precise work, a very even distribution of the dermal fillers and an excellent aesthetic result. The blunt cannulas create the perfect symbiosis between puncture point, injection depth and treatment area. They allow extremely precise work, which leads to high patient acceptance and an excellent treatment result. The mechanical action on the fibroblasts activates collagen formation.

Soft and flexible with DermaSculpt

The flexible Dermasculpt blunt cannulas from Cosmofrance have a super-flexible tip that allows precise injection into the deep dermis made possible. The innovative Skin Sculpting Technique with the Dermasculpt needles causes hardly any haematomas, pain or swelling. The blunt tip slides through the patient’s tissue without damaging nerves or blood vessels. Furthermore, a very even distribution of the used gel implant possible. In principle, the blunt cannulas for dermal fillers from medium viscosity and concentration can be used. The Skin Sculpting Technique can be used to model the skin and improve facial volume to make wrinkles disappear visually. The technique is ideally suited for the injection of perioral, nasolabial and periorbital wrinkles. It is also possible to fill in oral commissures, contour lips and model the surface of the hands. The Use of the Dermasculpt needles has proven to be very safe, as they do not cut through the skin in comparison to pointed injection needles, but rather glide gently through the dermis. The blunt end and the enormous flexibility of the microcannula allow an almost painless and atraumatic treatment. Due to the fan technology and the length of the micro cannula, only a few puncture points are necessary to treat the entire facial area.

The blunt cannulas of DermaSculpt are very flexible and have a blunt-tip tip. This cannula design allows a very precise, pain-reduced injection and an even distribution of larger amounts of hyaluronic acid.