Ellansé® S, 2 x 1ml Ellansé® S | 2 x 1ml

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As a new generation of bio-fillers, the CE-certified ELLANSÉ range allows for an individually selectable shelf life of 1-4 years with the products ELLANSÉ S, ELLANSÉ M & ELLANSÉ L. This tailor-made, cost-efficient option is made possible by the unique proprietary STAT™Technologie in the form of a controlled, controllable complete product degradation – according to the patient’s wishes: The polymer chains are altered in length and thus ensure the desired temporally defined durability and effectiveness. The silky texture can be optimally injected and results in a soft implant with immediate and long-term effect. The microparticles have an optimal biocompatibility due to their smooth surface and round shape. ELLANSÉ is based on polycaprolactone (PCL), a soft, fully absorbable polymer. PCL has been successfully used in medical preparations for decades. It has an excellent safety profile, just like the viscosity agent carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) used in this formulation. The PCL microparticles stimulate the formation of new collagen and result in a long-lasting, stable tissue scaffold. Excretion takes place via the normal metabolism. Ideal for contouring, shaping, correction of lines and wrinkles and volume augmentation.