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Fillmed M-HA10 for the treatment of severe dehydration

Active ingredients and high-quality composition

Fillmed M-HA10 from Filorga is a Dermal Fillerwhich is ideally suited for the treatment of pronounced dehydration symptoms. The non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin restores the shine, elasticity and moisture content of tired skin by moisturising the skin from within. Once injected into the skin, the product has an immediate effect on the radiance and hydration of the tissue. The enriching blend of key skin care ingredients, combining antioxidant and hydrating effects, provides the skin with everything it needs for a soft, fresh and radiant appearance that meets even the highest patient demands. The active ingredients of Fillmed M-HA10 restore the natural moisture level of the tissue, resulting in improved elasticity and suppleness. The effect on skin hydration and radiance is visible immediately after the injection. For best results, one treatment per month is required for a period of three months. After that, a follow-up treatment should be performed every six months. The contained hyaluronic acid is obtained by biofermentation. As a dermal filler, the gel implant can improve skin tone, correct superficial wrinkles such as crow’s feet, laughter lines or nasolabial folds and restore skin elasticity.

Antioxidant and hydrating with dermal fillers

Fillmed M-HA10 can help as a dermal filler to rehydrate the skin from the inside out. Applied to the neck, face or décolleté, it can be applied immediately after the first treatment visible results. The skin appears altogether firmer, more radiant and more elastic. It also feels smoother, wrinkle-free and more hydrated. From a treatment with the Hyaluronic acid gel can benefit all patients whose skin shows the first signs of aging. But also younger patients with dry skin will hydrating action of the drug. To maximal effect it is recommended to perform one treatment per month for a period of three months. Thereafter, a follow-up treatment should be carried out every six months to ensure that the tissue remains smooth and hydrated. The advantages of the gel implant are obvious: Fillmed M-HA10 not only provides the original skin elasticity and natural moisture content of the fabric but also provides a smoother and firmer skin with more radiance. The product is therefore often used during the cold winter months, when the tissue loses moisture. Immediately after the first treatment the patient will notice the results. The average durability depends on various factors such as skin type and injection type. For best possible results, Dermal Filler contains ten milligrams of hyaluronic acid per milliliter. Fillmed M-HA10 5 x 3 ml should not be used in combination with dermabrasion, chemical peeling or laser treatment.

10mg/ml non-crosslinked (non-animal) hyaluronic acid for the treatment of pronounced dehydration.
Mesotherapy anti-aging product for the injection of small wrinkles, for more moisture, shine and elasticity for tired skin, as well as for the prevention of wrinkles and skin aging.