Fillmed X-HA® Volume 2 x 1.2 ml

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  • Injection depth: deep dermis used
  • Indication: chin, cheeks, face oval, cheekbones and temple area


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FILLMED X-HA Volume for the contours and facial areas

Natural results and impressive lifting effects with Dermal Fillers

FILLMED X-HA Volume from Filorga is a hyaluronic acid based dermal fillerIt aims to reshape and redefine the contours and areas of the face that have lost volume over the years and with age. The preparation is used in the deep dermis to add volume to the chin, cheeks, face oval, cheekbones and temple area. Hollow or sunken areas regain youthfulness while the skin tissue is naturally reshaped. FILLMED X-HA Volume is stabilized with the Tri-Hyal-Technology, which cross-links three different types of hyaluronic acid. This makes it possible not only to smooth the patient’s skin but also to shape and volumize it. To fill wrinkles and correct volume loss, FILLMED X-HA Volume has a triple action that makes superficial wrinkles disappear, restores the contours of the face and visibly volumizes sunken areas of the face. This makes the product a complete anti-aging solution for natural results and impressive lifting effects that are both harmonious and lasting.

High viscosity and high volume with Fillmed X-HA Volume

FILLMED X-HA Volume 1 x 1ml is used in the deep dermis to add volume to facial areas such as the chin, cheeks, face oval, cheekbones and temple area. The contours of the face can also be restored. The injectable, reticular Hyaluronic acid gel represents a new approach in the field of dermal fillers, which aims to enable quick and harmonious restoration and redefinition of facial volume. Thanks to its high viscosity the product is one of the highest-volume preparations currently available on the market for aesthetic medical products. After the injection, the gel implant can be easily shaped and positioned in the patient’s tissue, where it restores the harmonious contours of the face. All in all, FILLMED X-HA Volume impresses with its uniform density, smooth consistency and exceptional homogeneity, which allow for precise injection. It is a highly effective dermal filler that makes fine lines and superficial wrinkles in the middle and deep dermis disappear in no time at all. The Preparation noticeably and lastingly improves the shape and contours of the face, making surgical interventions almost superfluous. The hyaluronic acid used convinces with its enormous purity and high molecular weight, which ensures perfect biocompatibility. The Results can last up to twelve months, the duration depending on the age, skin type and lifestyle of the patient. The concentration of the active ingredient is 23 milligrams of hyaluronic acid per milliliter. The application of FILLMED X-HA Volume 1 x 1ml is reserved for experienced physicians and trained alternative practitioners.

For volume build-up
The non-animal hyaluronic acid gel Filorga / Fillmed X-HA® Volume is stabilized with the Tri-Hyal technology, which cross-links (reticulates) 3 different forms of hyaluronic acid molecule chains with each other, for three important corrective measures: Smoothing, shaping and volumizing.