Fillmed X-HA3® | 1 x 1 ml

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  • Indication: chin, cheeks, nose, cheekbones and face oval


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FILLMED X-HA3 for the treatment of medium to deep wrinkles and volumization

Uniform density and smooth consistency with Dermal Fillers

FILLMED X-HA3 from Filorga is a Dermal fillerwhich is based on the contouring, the Treatment medium to deep wrinkles and the volumization is tailored. The non-animal hyaluronic acid gel is mixed with Tri-Hyal Technology in which three different forms of hyaluronic acid molecule chains are cross-linked with each other to shape, smooth and volumize the skin. The Preparation with Anti-aging effect is excellent for improving the natural radiance of the skin. Injected along the wrinkles, the Dermal Filler cushions the skin from the inside out – for a natural, harmonious and long-lasting result…that’s pretty impressive. The cheeks and contours of the face can be efficiently redefined and remodeled. The Volume properties of FILLMED X-HA3 are given by its unique viscoelasticity, which is due to the high molecular weight in combination with a suitable cross-linking and a high Hyaluronic acid concentration is achieved. With its exceptional homogeneity, the product offers an even density and smooth consistency, thanks to which a particularly precise injection is possible. This allows the skin to be volumized, medium to deep wrinkles to be smoothed and the tissues to be elevated to efficiently restore the harmonious contours of the face.

Harmonious and long lasting with Fillmed X-HA3

FILLMED X-HA3 is a Dermal Filler for the correction of wrinkles and skin depressions. The Preparation is excellent for improving skin volume, enhancing the natural radiance of the complexion and increasing lip volume. The Networking of the hyaluronic acid gel can be used in many ways: The product can be areas chin, cheeks, nose, cheekbones and face oval are applied. The Effectiveness of the Dermal Filler is clinically proven. After the injection, the preparation is easy to shape and precisely model in the dermis, enabling doctors and alternative practitioners around the world to achieve a harmonious Overall result relieved. When injected into the cheek bones, the product restores their volume and refines the face oval. In the lips, it improves the lip contour, giving the face a natural look. The uniform density, excellent viscosity and good homogeneity of the Dermal Filler enables high precision and great regularity of injection, guaranteeing natural results for the patient. All in all FILLMED X-HA3 is a Anti-aging productwhich provides harmonious, uniform and long-lasting results.

For medium to deep wrinkles, for contouring and volumizing
This non-animal hyaluronic acid gel is stabilized with the Tri-Hyal-Technology, which cross-links (reticulates) 3 different forms of hyaluronic acid molecule chains with each other, for three important corrective measures: Smoothing, shaping and volumizing.