MESORAM® Multi-Injectors | 36 pieces | 5-fold | circular | 27G | 0.40 x 4mm

130 Gross

Indication: are supplied with the appropriate needles for fast, accurate and safe use.

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Through elaborate production processes, MESORAM® disposable products achieve the highest quality in the field of mesotherapy:

  • finest needles
  • accurate polish
  • significantly less pain
  • and many other advantages compared to conventional needles
  • without latex, without silicone
  • individually packed, disposable, EtO sterilized and CE marked

Multi – injectors from MESORAM® MESORAM MULTI – INJECTORS are supplied with the appropriate needles and thus enable fast, accurate and safe use. Needles already fitted reduce the risk of injury to the user. The perfect and accurate grinding of the needles significantly reduces the sensation of pain during treatment. The MULTI – INJECTORS are available in straight/linear and circular versions, with 3, 5 or 7 needles for the different treatment methods. Different sizes in 27G and 30G. A standard Luer connection allows easy connection to the syringe containing the medication.


especially suitable for aesthetic mesotherapy