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Radiesse® + lidocaine for volume build-up and contouring of the chin and cheeks

Youthful freshness and targeted volume increase

Radiesse von Merz is a Dermal Fillerwhich is tailored to build volume and contour the chin and cheeks while revitalizing the skin. The active agent complex is based on one percent calcium hydroxylapatite in aqueous gel which, as a filler, stimulates the body’s own collagen synthesis. The active ingredient, which occurs in a similar form in the human body, is injected under the skin by an experienced doctor or alternative practitioner and can thus fill wrinkles and tighten facial contours. Thanks to the triple effect, the preparation restores the patient’s youthful appearance – for reliable wrinkle correction, contouring and a lifting effect through targeted volume build-up and improvement of the skin quality. The preparation is injected into the skin and stimulates the body’s own cells to form a natural collagen network. In this way, the patient’s facial contours can be tightened immediately, lastingly and for a long time. At the same time, the skin structure is strengthened in the long term. The volume effect of the product can not only be used to pad wrinkles – it can also be used to correct cheeks, chin and lips. As it is a substance that is degradable by the body, the effect of the injection diminishes over time.

Sustainable and long lasting with Radiesse + (lidocaine)

Radiesse from Merz is particularly suitable for patients who have Treatment wish to have deeper wrinkles, need a clearer contouring of the face through a lifting effect or wish to improve their skin texture and firmness. For example, a volume increase on the zygomatic bone, a chin build-up or contouring of the line of the lower jaw take place. However, it is precisely the skin quality that can be improved to regain a natural and youthful freshness. As the body’s own Collagen production of the patient is promoted, a long-lasting skin-image-improving Effect can be achieved. The Ingredients of the preparation are injected into the skin and stimulate the body’s own skin cells to form a natural collagen network. This enables doctors and alternative practitioners to Face contours of your patient in the long term. Thanks to Radiesse’s special gel matrix, results can be seen immediately after application. In general, the treatment is a very well tolerated method with hardly any risks. Allergies and rejection reactions occur only in rare individual cases, because the materials used are also naturally present in the body. Minor complaints such as redness, haematomas or swelling are usually no longer visible after two days at the latest. Nodules or asymmetries are not to be expected when treated by an experienced doctor or alternative practitioner.

For building volume and contouring the chin and cheeks while revitalizing the skin.
1% CaHA (calcium hydroxyapatite) in aqueous gel. By using the calcium-hydroxyapatite as filler, it stimulates the body’s own collagen synthesis. This product cannot be dissolved with hyaluronidase in case of a possible overcorrection. The product Radiesse® contains 0.3% lidocaine. Dermafillers with lidocaine increase the comfort of treatment. Warning: Do not use in patients with known hypersensitivity to lidocaine or local anaesthetics of the amide type!