Restylane® Volyme 1 x 1 ml

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Restylane Volyme for an intensive volume increase in the chin and cheek area

Vital appearance and youthful firmness

Restylane Volyme from Galderma is a Dermal filler…which was due to an intense Volume increase in the chin– and Cheek area is tailored. The injectable, reticulated hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin has been connected to the Optimal Balance Technology stabilized to create a particularly smooth gel structure. This allows the Preparation not only distribute very evenly – it also produces a softer appearance than is usually the case with comparable products. The integrated local anaesthetic in the amount of 0.3 percent Lidocaine ensures increased treatment comfort and a more pleasant treatment experience for the patient due to less pain and reduced sensitivity. Doctors and alternative practitioners, in turn, benefit from the fact that the gel implant flows into the skin particularly softly and smoothly during the injection. Due to its unique Features the Dermal Filler has a high volume effect, making it particularly suitable for efficient filling and contouring of the chin and cheek region. Cheeks, chin and jaw lines can be redefined by adding volume. How Restylane Volyme gives the face its vital appearance and his youthful firmness back. The purity of the product ensures a low allergy risk. The long shelf life of the special hyaluronic acid gel has been proven in numerous clinical tests.

Efficient and painless with Dermal Fillers

As we get older, the face loses volume: the tissue appears flabby, the contours appear blurred. Restylane Volyme is specially designed for the Building volumes and modelling of facial contours suitable. As the Preparation provides a natural volume effect, the chin and cheek area can be efficiently filled and modelled. Due to its special properties and its high Filling effect the Dermal Filler helps to restore freshness, vitality and youthfulness that have been lost with age. Through the integrated local anaesthetics a particularly high level of treatment comfort is ensured on both sides. Whether chin build-up, contouring or cheek build-up: Restylane Volyme is particularly suitable for the efficient and painless filling and contouring of the face. The injectable, biosynthetic hyaluronic acid gels, which is produced on the basis of a patented technology for the stabilization of hyaluronic acid, impresses with its skin tightening effectthanks to which the youthful appearance of the patient can be restored. By using the product for Facelift is used, doctors and alternative practitioners around the globe achieve a smooth and fresh appearance for their patients that is worth seeing. The Dermal filler is basically intended for injection by a medical practitioner. Since the injection technique is essential for the success of the treatment, the preparation may only be used by doctors and alternative practitioners who can prove that they have received special training. The concentration of the gel implant is 20 milligrams of hyaluronic acid and three milligrams of lidocaine per milliliter.