STYLAGE® XXL 2 x 1 ml

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  • Injection depth: Deep subcutaneous, supraperiosteal
  • Indication: volume build-up, cheeks, cheekbone, chin and jaw line


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Stylage XXL for the intensive augmentation of the tissue

Lasting effect and extended shelf life

Stylage XXL from Vivacy is a Dermal Fillerwhich is tailored to the intensive augmentation of the tissue and the sustained build-up of volume deficits. The injectable, net-like hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin is supplied in a pre-filled disposable syringe with measuring scale. Developed according to the IPN-Like technology, in which the antioxidant mannitol is added, redness, haematomas and swelling can be reduced to a minimum. In addition, the product’s own degradation is delayed, so that the patient is guaranteed a shelf life of up to two years. The special needles enable the Sliding Injection Technique, where a single injection point can be used to treat a larger area. Whether smoothing, hydration or remodelling: the preparation allows for a fast and reliable treatment. Based on mannitol, an antioxidant that occurs in its natural form mainly in fruit and vegetables, the negative influence of free radicals can be reliably reduced. No wonder that patients around the world are fascinated by the results that can be achieved with Stylage XXL. As a result of its state-of-the-art development, the Dermal Filler enables high elasticity and long-lasting results.

Stable and durable with Dermal Fillers

With increasing age, not only do wrinkles make the face look less attractive – it also loses its natural volume and defined contours. The facial features appear less soft, the face oval decays. With Stylage XXL 2 x 1 ml is usually only one unique treatment necessary to give the face back its youthful contours and natural attractiveness. On the basis of Hyaluronic acid in combination with mannitol, the result of the volumetric treatment is very natural The innovative IPN-Like technology, on which the Hyaluronic acid gel gives the product a high stability, good modelling properties and enormous adaptability to the movements of the tissue. Dermal Filler can also be used to specifically counteract severe wrinkling and excessive stress caused by environmental influences. Facial wrinkles can be efficiently filled in, volume can be perfectly restored. Only one treatment is sufficient to rebuild the chin and cheek area. modelling. This gives the face a fresh and youthful appearance, thanks to which patients can feel much more beautiful and well-groomed. In the case of flabby skin, the gel implant can restore high firmness, a smooth and taut appearance and remarkable elasticity. All in all, Stylage XXL allows surgical Beauty treatments as far as possible. The Preparation is supplied in a package with two ready-to-use syringes. It may only be injected by specially trained, appropriately experienced doctors and alternative practitioners.

For building up large volume deficits, for intensive augmentation of the tissue. Injectable, reticulated hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin in combination with mannitol. Prefilled disposable syringe with measuring scale. Stylage products are developed according to the IPN-like technology (Interpenetrated Network). The addition of mannitol, a powerful antioxidant, ensures that skin reactions such as redness are kept to a minimum. The technology also leads to a long-lasting effect. The special needles enable the Sliding Injection Technique, whereby a single injection point can be used to treat a larger area.