TEOSYAL® Kiss 2 x 1 ml

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  • Injection depth: Subdermal intramuscular
  • Indication: Harmonization of lip volume, lip contour and hydration of the lips


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Teosyal Kiss for the treatment of lips and lip contours

Excellent durability and uncomplicated injection

Teosyal Kiss by Teoxane is a filler productspecially designed for the treatment of lips and lip contours. After all, the area around the mouth is an area that is difficult to treat due to its strong circulation and special mobility. The special gel implant does justice to this task: its excellent durability and uncomplicated injection method makes it the perfect product for more lip volume. The main areas of application include the rehydration of the lips, the increase in the fullness and the total volume of the lips as well as the redesign of the lip contours. The corners of the mouth can also undergo treatment – for example, with a wrinkled or hanging optics. In order to ensure an extended shelf life and optimal long-term effect, the hyaluronic acid gel is strongly crosslinked. The formula of the exclusive preparation impresses with its high viscosity and strong filling power – for sensational lips that meet the highest patient demands. After six to nine months, post-treatment is recommended, but a smaller amount of the innovative gel implant can be re-injected. The injection with a needle 27G or 30G allows a particularly fine and precise correction of the lips and contours in the mouth area.

Durable and resistant with filler products

As you get older, your lips become thinner and drier. There is the help of a product such as Teosyal Kiss 2 x 1 ml specially designed for the sensitive Lip area has been developed. In addition, even people at a very young age are often dissatisfied with the appearance of their lips: they long for plumper and fuller lips. With Teosyal Kiss, doctors and naturopaths around the world can help these people to have the ideal lips. The high networking within the hyaluronic acid gel makes it unique: no other filler product for injection into the lips is so durable and resistant. This strength and resistance is what distinguishes the preparation from comparable gel implants. It causes the hyaluronic acid gel to be six to nine months in the lips, remaining resistant to the natural mobility of the mouth. Thereafter, depending on the patient, a Treatment necessary. Of course, it is also true here that the average duration of action cannot be predicted in the end, because it depends on different circumstances such as the type of injection, the amount of the injected preparation and the skin type of the patient. The Active ingredient concentration is 25 milligrams of hyaluronic acid per millilitre.