TEOSYAL® Ultra Deep 2 x 1.2 ml

170 Gross

  • Injection depth: deep fat compartments, supraperiosteal
  • Indication: Targeted volume increase

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Teosyal Ultra Deep for the restoration of volume in areas such as the chin and cheekbones

High degree of cross-linking and one hundred percent resorbability

Teosyal Ultra Deep from Teoxane is a dermal fillerThis is tailored to build and restore volume in areas such as the chin and cheekbones. Losses of substance that have occurred with increasing age can be gently and gently restored. The product is injected into the patient’s deep dermis by the doctor or alternative practitioner in charge, where it can develop its full effect. In this way, surgical trauma can be avoided. The gel implant of non-animal origin makes it possible to fill, re-accentuate and restore facial contours. In addition, deep wrinkles can be corrected, the face can be given back its original shape and fullness and sunken areas can be filled in. The high degree of cross-linking and 100% resorbability guarantee optimal and gentle long-term results. Only after nine to twelve months is an after-treatment recommended – in this case, however, a smaller amount of the preparation can be injected. The ergonomic glass syringes with a rotatable attachment and high-precision graduation enable safe and uncomplicated injection of the highly viscous, monophasic gel implant into the patient’s skin. The quantity of injected gel can be controlled precisely. The active ingredient concentration of Teosyal Ultra Deep is 25 milligrams of hyaluronic acid per milliliter of product.

Gentle and natural with Dermal Fillers

Teosyal Ultra Deep 2 x 1.2 ml has been specially designed for gentle Recovery of substance loss. The product is suitable for filling, re-accentuating or replenishing facial contours. Even slight ptosis or deep wrinkles in thickened skin can be corrected efficiently. By using the Preparation restores the patient’s face to its original shape and fullness, it restores the vitality and youthfulness of areas that had previously looked sunken. The high cross-linking degree guarantees optimal long-term results: A Treatment is only required after nine to twelve months, but can be carried out with a smaller quantity of the product. Since the gel implant is injected subcutaneously with a fine needle, an immediate increase in volume can be achieved. In total, Teosyal Ultra Deep is a very good product compared to other aesthetic medical devices, that are currently available on the market can hardly be surpassed. The success of the product is reflected in its millions of applications around the globe. Not only can substance losses that have occurred over time be treated gently and carefully – renewed volume losses are also efficiently prevented. The average duration of effect depends on various factors such as the type of injection, the depth of the wrinkles and the patient’s skin type. The quantity of the injected product also has an influence on the durability.