Belotero® Intense + Lidocaine 1 x 1.0 ml

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Belotero Intense for lifting the corners of the mouth, treating deep wrinkles and correcting the bridge of the nose

Special manufacturing process and increased treatment comfort

Belotero Intense + Lidocaine from Merz is dermal fillerIt was developed to lift the corners of the mouth, to treat deep wrinkles and to correct the bridge of the nose. In addition, an increase in volume of the chin, cheeks and zygomatic bone can be achieved. The injectable, reticulated hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which also occurs in the human body in its original form. Due to a special manufacturing process it is particularly stable, well tolerated and very long-lasting. In the course of time, it is broken down again by the body in a natural way. Based on the innovative CPM technology, a gel implant is created that is very stable, has a long-lasting effect and is easy to inject. Because it has both firm and flexible areas, the gel fits easily and smoothly into the skin’s fine cleft spaces. This creates particularly soft transitions between the treated and untreated zones. For increased treatment comfort, the preparation contains 0.3 percent lidocaine. The product thus enables particularly painless wrinkle correction and lip augmentation. Nasolabial foldsthe crease at the chin line and Mentolabial folds can be corrected quickly and with low risk. In addition, Belotero Intense + Lidocaine allows the corners of the mouth to be raised and Volume increase of the lips. Patients around the world can benefit from gentle and efficient wrinkle treatment that keeps them looking young for longer. The Dermal Filler is available in very high concentrations: it contains 25.5 milligrams of hyaluronic acid and three milligrams of lidocaine per milliliter.

Vital and youthful with Dermal Fillers

With Belotero Intense + Lidocaine all wrinkle, contour and volume defects can be treated efficiently and gently. Also with ultrafine cannulae the smooth gel implant can be inserted into the skin very easily and precisely. The Dermal Filler is particularly distinguished by its high stability and its long-lasting result, which makes the patient look more vital, fresh and youthful for many months. The Security and Effectiveness of the preparation has already been proven in numerous studies. While many others Hyaluronic acid gels are characterized by coarse particles that can only be worked into the tissue in a suboptimal way, Belotero Intense + Lidocaine forms a coherent product of multiple cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecules that fit optimally into the skin. The Result is a soft, natural and sleek appearance without visible transitions. All in all, the gel implant helps patients all over the world to feel completely comfortable in their skin at any age. At the same time, they retain their natural facial expression and individual charisma at all times. Belotero Intense + Lidocaine stands for long-lasting results and visible Rejuvenation effects for many months.

Injectable, reticulated (net-like) hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin. The product is based on the innovative CPM technology (Cohesive Polydensified Matrix). The cross-linked hyaluronic acids with different viscosities are combined to form a gel, making the filler easy to inject, long-lasting and very stable in itself. The product contains 0.3% lidocaine. Dermafillers with lidocaine increase the comfort of treatment. Warning: Do not use in patients with known hypersensitivity to lidocaine or local anaesthetics of the amide type!