Double Cog yarns | 23G | 60 mm | 100 mm

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Indication: for restructuring of collagen fibres

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Double Cog yarns for the restructuring of collagen fibers

Particular robustness and immediate lifting effect

The Double COG threads from EpLine are PDO threadswhich helps patients around the world to maintain their beauty without the risk of costly surgery. With the novel, minimally invasive treatment method made possible by the product, the so-called “triangle of beauty” that so many patients desire can be maintained. The centre of gravity of this triangle is located in the upper half of the face at a young age, but over time it moves to the lower part of the face. The tissue sags, the original proportions shift, and the skin loses its elasticity. In addition, the supporting structure of the skin changes: the elastane and collagen structures begin to break apart, causing the connective tissue to become progressively thinner. The Double COG threads can provide a noticeable tightening, a significant lifting of the chin line and strong contouring. Based on resorbable, biocompatible polydioxanone, which can cause the restructuring of collagen fibres, a natural lifting effect occurs in the tissue. Due to the collagenesis produced, this effect is retained even if the product dissolves without residue after a few weeks. In this way, the Double-COG threads enable a natural and lasting anti-aging treatment without surgery. The fact that the product has barbs on both sides in the same direction means that the tensile force in the tissue is particularly high. The special robustness and the immediate lifting effect of the Double-COG threads promote their use in larger areas of the body with a high volume requirement.

Natural and sustainable with Double Cog threads

A aesthetic treatment by a Thread underlay with the Double COG sutures from EpLine is useful where stabilization and volumization is aesthetically feasible. The polydioxanone used has been used in surgery for decades, making it a superior safety and low-risk treatment promises. The product, which has microscopic hooks in its structure, combines two effects: On the one hand it leads to an immediate tightening, on the other hand it leads to a lasting biostimulation of the Treatment areas. By applying the Double-COG threads into the patient’s subcutaneous fatty tissue, the skin gains in firmness and firmness. In addition, the tissue can be lifted into its original position. The pull that the product exerts on the treated skin areas causes Lifting effectThe depth of wrinkles is reduced, sagging skin is tightened – but the natural facial expression is retained. The Tightening effect is immediately visible, but unfolds in its entirety only after a few months. After six to eight months, the double COG threads dissolve completely again. The Effect of the thread lift lasts up to two years. After that the treatment can be repeated at any time without any problems.

Resorbable, biocompatible polydioxanone (PDO) filaments for restructuring collagen fibres. The thread dissolves without residue after a few weeks. The lifting effect is maintained by collagenesis in the tissue. Natural and sustainable anti-ageing without surgery. Cog threads have unidirectional barbs on both sides of the thread, which increases the tensile strength in the fabric compared to single cogs. The immediately visible lifting effect and the relatively robust thread promote the use of the thread in larger areas of the body with a large volume requirement. The threads are also available as Blunt Canulla.