Single Screw threads I 27G I 50 mm I 80 mm I 1 x 10 pcs.

40 Gross

  • Indication: For facial contouring, e.g. double chin correction, V-lifting in the face, eyebrow lifting, as well as for the formation of volume and wrinkle reduction in the neck and décolleté area.

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Single Screw Threads – PDO threads applied to the neck, face and body

Tested safety and high efficacy

The single screw threads from EpLine are PDO sutureswhich are tailored to wrinkle reduction, volume formation and facial contouring. For example, a double chin can be corrected or the eyebrows raised. The absorbable, biocompatible threads of polydioxanone for restructuring the collagen fibres dissolve without residue after a few weeks, but the lifting effect is retained in the long term through collagenesis. This allows a natural and lasting anti-aging treatment without surgery, which gradually makes the patient look more vital, fresher and more youthful. The PDO threads, which in the case of the single-screw threads are spirally untwisted around the needle, enable very precise placement and fixation in the tissue thanks to their robust structure. The innovative threads provide doctors and alternative practitioners around the world with a safe and highly effective product that helps them to offer their patients a successful anti-aging treatment. It is not without reason that the 100 percent resorbable sutures have been used in surgery for decades. Whether skin tightening, smoothing of medium wrinkles or volume build-up: EpLine’s single-screw sutures, which can be used for precise suture lifting, can be used for a particularly gentle, low-risk and non-invasive anti-aging treatment that can be performed relatively quickly and efficiently. The results achieved are not only quickly visible, but also long-lasting.

Absorbable and biocompatible with single screw threads

A thread lift with the Single Screw Threads of EpLine can be used at the first signs of skin aging when a complete surgical procedure does not seem to be given or is not desired. The smooth, spiral-shaped sutures made of polydioxanone are suitable for normal skin and can be applied universally on the neck, face and body. After a certain time they dissolve into their basic building blocks water and carbon dioxide. Thus no harmful residues remain in the body, the Lifting effect is retained, however. In contrast to a complete surgical facelift, a lift with the single-screw threads will increase the collagen synthesis and New formation of connective tissue supported. It is not about pulling the tissue into a new position, but rather about supporting the skin in its natural function. The natural facial expression is preserved. After six to eight months. the absorbable PDO filaments dissolve completely. However, the lifting effect lasts for up to two years and can be repeated at any time without problems.

For facial contouring e.g. double chin correction, V-lifting in the face, eyebrow lifting, as well as for the formation of volume and wrinkle reduction in the neck and décolleté area.
Resorbable, biocompatible polydioxanone (PDO) filaments for restructuring collagen fibres. The thread dissolves without residue after a few weeks. The lifting effect is maintained by collagenesis in the tissue. Natural and sustainable anti-ageing without surgery. PDO threads spirally twisted around the needle to stimulate collagen synthesis in the tissue. The exact placement of the thread and the fixing of the thread in the fabric is possible very precisely and specifically due to its robust structure.