Fibrojenyx 6 x 20 ml

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Fibrojenyx for the treatment of excess fat on the arms, face and legs

Low risk surgery and permanent fat reduction

Fibrojenyx Vials contain a solution of glycerin, sodium chloride, mannitol, aloe vera and caffeine, which is approved for topical use. The product is designed to treat excess fat on the arms, face and legs. The rupture of the cell membrane of the adipocytes can trigger their removal from the tissue. The decomposed fat is transported away via the lymphatic system. This means that fat deposits can be broken down specifically where the patient wants them to be. In contrast to liposuction, the fat is not simply removed during the injection, but permanently broken down. By injecting the preparation directly into the fatty tissue under the skin, permanent fat reduction in the injected area can be achieved within a few weeks. The solution is injected in six Vomiting ampoules supplied for single use.

Efficient and highly effective with Fibrojenyx Vials

The Fibrojenyx Vials should only be used in areas of the body where fat deposits are constantly accumulating, regardless of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Typical problem areas that can be treated with the solution are fat pads on the stomach, a double chin or riding breeches on the thigh. Due to the unique Ingredients of the preparation fat is released from the fat cells. Many fat cells die. Scientific studies prove the Effectiveness of the product. Because, unlike liposuction, it is a minimally invasive method Side effects rather rarely – however, the patient may feel a slight burning sensation or slight pressure in the area of the puncture marks during the treatment. Redness and swelling may also occur, but usually disappears after a few days.

This product is approved for topical use. As a rule, excess fat areas on the double chin, upper arms, lower legs and legs are treated. A break in the cell membrane of the adipocytes can trigger their removal from the tissue.
Sodium chloride, glycerine, mannitol, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Caffeine.