MESORAM® Needles 27G | 0.40 x 6mm

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Indication: Skin, hair and tissue are improved from the inside out without the need for further measures.

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Mesoram® Needles useful in treatments where deeper injections are required

Fine design and accurate cut

The Mesoram needles Mesotherapy by Rimos enable a gentle treatment method to maintain the natural beauty and original performance of the body into old age. Micro injections with the needles can help to make the traces of time disappear by adding certain nutrients and active ingredients. This gentle procedure achieves visible, yet subtle results. Compared to surgical procedures, it is also significantly less painful and has fewer side effects. Skin, hair and tissue are improved from the inside out, without the need for further measures. The Mesoram needles achieve the highest quality in the field of aesthetic mesotherapy through elaborate production processes. The fine design and the accurate grinding ensure that the patient’s pain sensation is significantly reduced. In addition, the needles do not require latex or silicone. They therefore offer both patients and users decisive advantages. The doctor or alternative practitioner in charge benefits from the fact that he can guarantee his patients a less traumatic experience with the Mesoram needles. A comprehensive range of different thicknesses and different lengths ensures increased versatility in use. The patient on the other hand enjoys a treatment that could not be more painless and uncomplicated.

Precise and high-quality with MESORAM® needles

The Mesoram Needle Mesotherapy is especially useful in treatments where deeper injections are required. Their advantages are obvious: Not only do they make a local anesthesia are almost superfluous, they also ensure that patients have shorter downtimes. The probability of scars, haematomas or swelling is also significantly reduced. Because the needles are a precise injection into the superficial layer of the skin, they are suitable for a variety of mesotherapeutic Applications suitable. Selected nutrients and active ingredients can be applied to the patient’s skin over a large area with their help. The Mesoram Needles Mesotherapy were developed in close cooperation with doctors and scientists. They are manufactured exclusively by trained personnel and with the most modern production technologies. This ensures that doctors and alternative practitioners around the globe only receive products of the highest quality.