Fillmed 5HP-Youth Cream 1 x 50 ml

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Fillmed 5HP-Youth Cream a special anti-aging cream for normal to dry skin

Sustainable hydration and efficient wrinkle reduction


Fillmed 5HP-Youth Cream is a special anti-aging cream for normal to dry skin, which not only gives the skin volume and moisture, but also helps to treat small wrinkles, fine lines and superficial skin lesions. As a result, the tissue becomes altogether smoother, softer and more even. The active ingredients are ideally suited to effectively counteract the signs of time. Thanks to the moisturizing ingredients contained in the rich cream, the appearance of mature skin can be visibly improved. An anti-aging complex of vitamins, hyaluronic acid and minerals revitalizes and hydrates the tissue quickly and reliably. In addition, a special oleo-complex of argan oil and mango butter restores elasticity and suppleness to normal and dry tissue. Provitamin B5 helps to repair the moisture barrier of the tissue and regenerate the moisture balance of the dermis. The appearance of fine lines and superficial wrinkles is lastingly reduced. The result is silky smooth and even skin with maximum volume and moisture. All signs of skin aging are efficiently reduced.

Nourishing and moisturising with Fillmed 5HP-Youth Cream

The manufacturer Filorga specialises in a comprehensive range of cosmetics – including serums, anti-aging creams and masks for mature skin. Since the 1990s, the company has been considered a true pioneer in more than 54 countries in the field of Anti-aging techniques. To better understand the aging processes in order to be able to fight them afterwards with an all-encompassing therapy has always been the goal of the manufacturer. Fillmed 5HP-Youth Cream is a special anti-aging cream for normal to dry skin, developed to correct small wrinkles, fine lines and superficial skin lesions. In addition, the Care Cream elasticity and radiance. Unique cellular treatment factors and more than 50 active ingredients in combination with high-quality hyaluronic acid help to dramatically improve the quality of the skin. Ingredients such as hydroxyproline, which are produced by the human body itself, help to Collagen production to stimulate. In addition, they serve as powerful anti-aging ingredients that have a positive effect on dry and moisture-deficient tissue. Effect have. All in all, with Fillmed 5HP-Youth Cream, doctors and alternative practitioners around the globe have an effective anti-aging cream at their disposal, which they can give to their patients at any time without restrictions. The application could not be easier: a small amount of the product, applied to the face and neck in the morning and evening, is sufficient to efficiently supply normal and dry tissue with everything it needs in everyday life. Before that, a perfectly fitting serum can be used to further increase the effectiveness of the moisturizer.