Fillmed 6HP-Youth Cream 1 x 50 ml

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Fillmed 6HP-Youth Cream

Sustainable matting and visible pore refinement

The Fillmed 6HP-Youth Cream is anti-aging creamwhich aims to visibly reduce the first as well as the advanced signs of aging. Developed by Filorga Laboratories, it not only gives the skin elasticity, radiance and radiance, but also helps to significantly smooth out fine lines and superficial wrinkles. The ultra-light texture, which was specially developed for mixed to oily skin, efficiently helps to close pores and reduce skin shine. Cellular treatment factors and over 50 active substances in combination with hyaluronic acid provide lasting matting, improved firmness and visible pore refinement – in short: for an overall improved skin texture. Ingredients such as hydroxyproline, which the human body also produces itself, not only help to stimulate collagen production, but are also an effective anti-aging ingredient overall. In combination with zinc and vitamin B6, the sebum production of the skin is controlled to ensure a matt and pure skin texture. The so-called NCTF Complex in combination with hyaluronic acid, which is known for its positive effect on the skin texture for good reason, additionally helps to restore the appearance of a young looking skin All in all Filmlmed 6HP-Youth Cream a daily Rejuvenation creamwhich aims at a lasting matting, an improved radiance and a visible refinement of pores. Enlarged pores are reduced, superficial skin wrinkles are visibly softened. The ultra-light cream is particularly suitable for combination skin with visible signs of aging.

Ultralight and highly effective with Fillmed 6HP-Youth Cream

The Ageing processes not only to understand, but above all to combat it with a holistic therapy has always been the goal of Filorga Laboratories. Since its foundation, the manufacturer has been concerned with treating wrinkles, but also finding answers to the loss of skin firmness and radiance that time brings. Safe, efficient and high-quality, the company’s products are now appreciated by doctors, alternative practitioners and aesthetic practitioners in more than 54 countries – and with good reason: thanks to its numerous innovations, the brand has become an essential player in the medical and cosmetic industry over the years. Anti-aging treatment developed. This also benefits the Fillmed 6HP-Youth Creamwhich is a daily rejuvenating cream for more firmness. Designed to bring about a visible rejuvenation of the skin’s appearance, the Anti-Aging Cream not only reduces visible wrinkles, but also provides an improved skin texture with smaller pores and a more matte appearance. The application is extremely uncomplicated: Simply apply in the morning and evening after a suitable serum, and the ultra-light cream can already develop its full effect.