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Lipopeptis for the treatment of excess fat on the abdomen, upper arms, double chin and lower legs

Efficient streamlining and sustainable slimming injection

Lipopeptis from YalArt is a product for Lipolysiswhich is approved for topical application. As a rule, excess fat areas on the legs, abdomen, upper arms, double chin and lower legs are treated. By breaking the cell membrane of the adipocytes, their removal from the tissue can be triggered. The preparation is used in Vomiting ampoules supplied for single use, containing phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholates, carnitines, porpylenes, glycerols and soya glycines Lipopeptis can rightly be described as an optimal lipolitic active ingredient solution. The innovative concept is based on efficient active ingredients which act sinergically on each other to burn the fat under the skin. At the same time, the drainage and diuretic effects are enhanced to release toxins from the body and stimulate fat metabolism. The product makes it possible to selectively melt and metabolise excess fat in individual regions. During treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner, the primary active ingredient, which is extracted from the soya bean, is injected directly into the unwanted fat pads with a fine syringe. This high-quality natural preparation is produced in the same composition in the human body, where it fulfils a variety of tasks in fat metabolism. Thanks to lipopeptis, small fat pads can be sustainably reduced and contours can be tightened efficiently.

Durable and natural with lipopeptis

Lipopeptis of YalArt is injected directly into the affected area with a fine needle, which causes a melting of the fat cells and an increased Fat reduction be stimulated. In this way the fat is broken down in a natural and lasting way. The body circumference of the treated region is measurably reduced. The skin also contracts, so that a smooth and firm surface is created. Once dissolved Fat cells do not form again, so that the Treatment result can be described as long-term. The high-quality Active ingredient formula of the preparation increases protein and carbohydrate metabolism and helps the body to convert fat into energy. In addition, lipopeptis helps the patient burn stored fat and convert physical activity into energy. In the context of a Treatment stubborn fat cells on the hips, stomach, upper arms, neck, thighs and double chin are completely dissolved. It is important that the substance is evenly distributed in the fatty tissue and that a constant injection depth is maintained, which is why the injection should only be carried out by experienced doctors and alternative practitioners. The special active ingredient formula of Lipopeptis works directly in the fat layers that are located under the skin and cause unsightly dents. The enzyme used dissolves the cell walls of the fat cells. Via the blood, the excess fat is transported to the liver before it is finally broken down by the body’s normal fat metabolism.