Perfectha® Derm 1 x 1.0 ml

55 Gross

  • Injection depth: Middle dermis, subdermal to superficial subcutaneous
  • Indication: mid-deep facial wrinkles and skin depressions, glabellar lines, lip contour

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Perfectha Derm for smoothing forehead wrinkles, correcting oral commissures and redefining the lip contour

High filling capacity and long retention time with Perfectha Derm

Perfectha Derm by Sinclair is dermal fillerThis is tailored to the smoothing of forehead wrinkles, the correction of oral commissures and the redefinition of lip contours. Based on the innovative E-Brid technology, the preparation is characterized by highly pure and molecular sodium hyaluronate fibers, which are joined together in a unique cross-linking process to form a very elastic gel implant with a high number of covalent bonds. With Perfectha Derm, the correction of medium to deep wrinkles with a simultaneous, long-lasting volume build-up is easily possible. Deep marionette and nasolabial wrinkles can be optimally compensated and the lips can be efficiently injected and redefined. The product distinguishes itself from comparable dermal fillers mainly by its high filling capacity and its long retention time in the tissue. Based on a controlled mixing process, a hyaluronic acid gel is produced which restores the skin’s fullness and firmness and immediately corrects wrinkles. The facial contour is redefined using a fast and minimally invasive procedure, and the lost volume is regained. Whether face lifting, volume build-up or wrinkle treatment: Perfectha Derm convinces with well-tolerated and natural looking results that will make even the most demanding patients happy without desire. The product also minimizes the effects of oxidation in the body, which is why doctors and alternative practitioners all over the world can guarantee long-lasting treatment results of up to 18 months.

Smooth and even with Dermal Fillers

perfectha derm is a Hyaluronic acid gelthat restores the fullness and volume of the skin and moderate to severe Facial wrinkles can correct efficiently. Due to the excellent flow properties, optimum results can be achieved which last for a long time with slow and even decomposition. As the latest dermal filler generation, the product is perfect for Beauty treatments of the face. Whether correction of the tissue volumewrinkle treatment or Remodelling the Lip contourPerfectha Derm counteracts the signs of skin aging by providing the body with the lost Hyaluronic acid by injection. Thus lost volume can be restored, wrinkles smoothed and missing Clamping force to be refilled. The natural expression of the face is preserved. Due to its low Viscosity the soft hyaluronic acid gel flows smoothly and evenly into the skin to ensure that doctors and alternative practitioners around the world can use it as easily as possible without great effort. Even a comparatively small amount is sufficient to long-lasting effect to achieve. In general, the achieved treatment result is durable between six and twelve months. However, the duration also depends on the age, skin type and lifestyle of the patient. Perfectha Derm is supplied as a prefilled disposable syringe. The injection should be made with a fine needle into the superficial dermis.

Smoothing forehead wrinkles, redefining the lip contour, smoothing oral commissures
PERFECTHA® is a complete series of biphasic hyaluronic acid fillers to improve and correct the signs of skin aging and for a long-lasting volume build-up. The manufacturing process is based on the innovative E-Brid® technology. This is characterized by: – high molecular weight and high purity sodium hyaluronate fibres – unique cross-linking process, where a high number of covalent bonds have been created to create a very elastic gel (high filling capacity / long residence time) – controlled mixing process