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Saypha® Volume for the treatment of deep wrinkles and the remodelling of sunken facial volume

Minimum regeneration time and best skin compatibility

Saypha Volume from Croma Pharma is a Dermal filler…to correct the more mature Face contourswho Treatment deep folds and the Remodelling of the sunken facial volume. The reticulated injectable Hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin is stored in a prefilled Disposable syringe with measuring scale delivered. This makes the treatment particularly comfortable for doctors and alternative practitioners. The high-quality Dermal Filler impresses with its extraordinary Elasticitythanks to which the product can be easily injected into the deep dermis. The subcutaneous injection with a fine 27G Needle causes an immediate and natural increase in volume, as a result of which sagging skin areas can be perfectly remodeled. Due to the Recovery of natural hyaluronic acid levels, Saypha Volume can visibly reverse the signs of aging. As a result, the patient looks younger, fresher and more radiant. Per injection the Preparation supplied with two sterile needles for single use. For best physiological conditions pH-value and osmolarity have been optimally adjusted. The adapted Needle size ensures that doctors and alternative practitioners find the injection process as pleasant as possible. The isotonic and colourless gel implant is manufactured in Austria under the highest quality standards. This is how a Productwhich is extremely kind to the skin and does not cause irritation – for a minimum regeneration time for the patient.

Safe and highly pure with Dermal Fillers

Saypha Volume from Croma Pharma is indicated for the correction of deep wrinkles, skin areas and facial contours. In addition, at the request of the patient, a Volume expansion take place. Thanks to its adapted Needle size and its optimal viscoelasticity, the product guarantees physicians and alternative practitioners the most comfortable injection process possible. It is recommended, to inject the innovative Dermal Filler into the deep dermis. The very thin needles used for this purpose have been specially developed for the optimal comfort of the patient. The use of extremely pure, non-animal and ultra-modern hyaluronic acid guarantees a very safe product. Thus, sunken skin areas can be given back their youthful volume without having to reckon with side effects or allergic skin reactions. The strict Safety requirements from Croma Pharma promise a smooth injection and long-lasting treatment results. Already direct post-treatment natural results are visible, which preserve the natural facial expressions. Clinical studies also confirm the immediate effect and long lasting effectiveness of Saypha Volume.