Perfectha® Fine Lines 1 x 0.5 ml

40 Gross

  • Injection depth: Superficial dermis, intradermal
  • Indication: treatment of moderate dehydration and skin sagging


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Perfectha Fine Lines for the smoothing of perioral wrinkles

Soft texture and high elasticity

Perfectha Fine Lines by Sinclair is a dermal filler…which is based on the smoothing… perioral wrinklesThe aim is to reduce dark circles under the eyes and smooth periorbital lines. The biphasic hyaluronic acid gel for building up volume and improving the signs of skin ageing is created through an innovative cross-linking process that creates innumerable bonds to create a highly elastic product. Based on the revolutionary E-Brid technology, a gel implant of non-animal origin is created, taking facial beauty treatments to a new level. Perfectha Fine Lines can correct wrinkles, enhance the structure and elasticity of the skin and compensate for volume loss, while maintaining the natural expression of the face. The hyaluronic acid contained, which is a natural component of the skin, is able to bind moisture. This increases the water-binding capacity of the tissue – the skin gains elasticity and the formation of wrinkles can be counteracted. The injection restores the sunken volume and the lost elasticity of the tissue. The texture of the preparation is so soft and smooth that it flows easily and evenly into the skin.

Safe and long lasting with Dermal Fillers

With Perfectha Fine Lines can perfectly counteract eye and facial wrinkles. The product also achieves a slight Volume effectwhich makes the face look fresher and more youthful overall. Forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet can be efficiently compensated, frown lines and Nasolabial folds will be wonderfully replenished. On the basis of the groundbreaking E-Brid technology, a gel implant is created that can be Wrinkle treatment a particularly long Effective period so that surgical treatments are no longer necessary. This is based on a Networking rate of 90 percent, which are used for both facelifts and Volume recovery natural looking and well tolerated results guaranteed. The Hyaluronic acid by Sinclair is 90 percent cross-linked and ten percent non-cross-linked to ensure efficient hydration of the skin. Patients benefit from the resulting advantages in the form of long-lasting results and optimal Lifting effect. Doctors and alternative practitioners on the other hand can be happy about the fact that the gel implant, due to its low Viscosity flows easily through the syringe so that it can be introduced into the skin with little effort. Conducted medical studies prove the high Patient satisfaction and long-lasting effectiveness of Perfectha Fine Lines – even after 180 days Thus the doctor or alternative practitioner can guarantee his patient safe, natural and long-lasting results that are impressive. The result of the aesthetic treatment is immediately visible. The injection of the Hyaluronic acid gel not only corrects the signs of skin aging, but also ensures that lost volume can be regained