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  • Injection depth: subcutaneous or supraperiosteal 
  • Indication: No injection in hyperdynamic areas such as: forehead, crow’s feet, corner of the mouth, red lips, upper lip wrinkles and tear duct

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Sculptra for a natural and gradual build-up of the connective tissue

Sustainable consolidation and visible development effect

Sculptra 2 Vials / Pck. by Sinclair is a Biostimulatorwhich provides for a natural and gradual build-up of the connective tissue. Based on poly-L-lactic acid, the volume of sunken areas is rebuilt to correct skin irregularities such as lines, wrinkles or scars. Large-area volume correction can also be performed to compensate for general signs of skin aging. The preparation gives the patient’s connective tissue in the depth of the skin new elasticity. It stimulates the reconstruction of the body’s own collagen and gives the skin back its youthful hold. Step by step, the face regains the elasticity of earlier years, so that the skin appears vital, youthfully fresh and radiant again. As part of the treatment, the active ingredient is injected into the patient’s skin by a doctor or alternative practitioner. This stimulates the new formation of the body’s own collagen by the connective tissue cells. Lost volume is restored and the signs of skin aging are permanently corrected. Whether nasolabial folds, hollow cheeks or corner of the mouth wrinkles: With Sculptra, contour changes and skin irregularities are not only optically corrected in a simple way – through natural body processes, they are also lastingly firmed and smoothed out for a long time. The preparation is suitable for both individual wrinkles and larger areas. The visible build-up effect lasts up to two years.

Two-dimensional and progressive with Sculptra

With Sculptra 2 Vials / Pck. can restore the youthful elasticity of entire facial areas by building up the body’s own connective tissue. Because the Active substance stimulates the formation of new collagen, the Final result of the treatment is only visible after several months. However, an assessment by a doctor or alternative practitioner is possible after four to six weeks after the first injection. Until the desired Final result is achieved, one to three sessions are necessary. The Product is injected into the patient’s skin in the form of small injections by a doctor or alternative practitioner, which cause minimal discomfort and hardly Side effects cause. Subsequently, the preparation initiates the natural and progressive formation of new collagen. From the first session the patient will gradually noticeable improvement perceive. By slowly restoring the lost volume, the connective tissue gains new elasticity – the signs of facial aging are efficiently corrected. The poly-L-lactic acid used is a biotechnological active ingredient whose good tolerability has been documented and proven. Allergies, skin reactions and intolerances are unlikely. The Effect of Sculptra 2 Vials / Pck. lasts for up to two years – after that the skin can lose some of its elasticity again due to the natural aging process. For this reason regular Refreshing treatments for the maintenance of the Results recommended.