Juvéderm® Ultra Smile 2 x 0.55 ml

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  • Injection depth: Mid-depth and deep dermis
  • Indication: mid-depth and deep wrinkles, lip augmentation, lip contour


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Juvederm Ultra Smile for filling volume loss in the lip and cheek area

Smooth injection and long-lasting treatment result

Juvederm Ultra Smile 2 from Allergan is a Dermal fillerwho has become Filling of volume losses at Lips- and Cheek area suitable. Furthermore, the Lip contour remodelledvertical lip wrinkles are treated and the corners of the mouth are lifted. The product, which is used with the Hylacross Technology and is of non-animal origin, contains 0.3 percent Lidocaineto increase the comfort of treatment. The local anaesthetic ensures a smooth injection, which in turn ensures a pleasant and painless Treatment cares. The special formula of active ingredients makes the lips soft and smooth, which is why it is especially recommended for a gentle and natural beautification of the lips. The Preparation gives the mouth region an appealing fullness and a balanced relationship between Upper and lower lip. With Juvéderm Ultra Smile 2, the manufacturer Allergan, a unique brand, is entering new dimensions in wrinkle treatment. All in all, the product is a new dermal filler dimension that restores natural fullness and vitality to the lips. It is suitable for all patients who value a natural and long-lasting treatment result.

Gentle and natural with Dermal Fillers

Juvederm Ultra Smile 2 from Allergan is a product that is especially Treatment of the mouth region is recommended. The Preparation can be used for different purposes. For example, a gentle volume build-up can be achieved which looks natural and ensures a balanced ratio of upper and lower lip. Even small smoking lines can be treated gently and inconspicuously with the help of the product. In this way, the patient’s mouth area can be given a smooth and fresh appearance again. The lip contours can also be indirectly emphasized. The contained Lidocaine enables a more pleasant treatment experience for the patient, because the local anaesthetic makes wrinkle treatment generally less stressful and painful. With Juvéderm Ultra Smile 2, the optical appearance improved, their own attractiveness increased and their external appearance optimised. A Hyaluronic acid concentration of 24 milligrams per milliliter is well tolerated even by allergy sufferers. Over time, the injected gel implant is broken down, so that even incorrect injections disappear over time. Due to its special nature as an apyrogenic, physiological preparation made from reticulated hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, Juvederm Ultra Smile 2 has a comparatively long duration of action, making it an ideal alternative to permanent dermal fillers. The product is intended for injection by a doctor or alternative practitioner.

The hyaluronic acid gel Juvéderm® Ultra Smile has been stabilized with the hylacross technology (with uniform molecular weight) and is of non-animal origin. The product contains 0.3% lidocaine. Dermafillers with lidocaine increase the comfort of treatment. Warning: Do not use in patients with known hypersensitivity to lidocaine or local anaesthetics of the amide type!