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  • Injection depth: Intimate area
  • Indication: is suitable for restoring elasticity, tone and hydration in the genital area

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Desirial Plus for volume increase in the intimate area

Increased elasticity and improved hydrogenation

Desirial Plus from Vivacy is an injectable, reticulated hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin that is tailored to gynaecological tissue correction, volume build-up in the intimate area and gynaecological labia modelling. The product is administered in a pre-filled disposable syringe with measuring scale. Developed according to the IPN-Like technology, it is a high-quality gel implant that is approved for intimate surgical treatments. It can be used to treat unpleasant vaginal dryness and other symptoms of vulvovaginal atrophy. Desirial Plus is suitable for restoring elasticity, tone and hydration in the intimate area. It is also suitable for reducing mucosal dryness and firming sensitive vaginal tissue. It is the first hyaluronic acid-based preparation in the world approved for intradermal injections in the genital area. The injection introduces the gel implant directly into the tissue of the vulvovaginal region, where it contributes to the efficient hydration of the tissue. In addition, mechanical pressure is indirectly exerted on the cells, resulting in increased activity of the vulvovaginal mucosa. The result is an increased synthesis of elastin and collagen fibres. Not least for this reason, the hyaluronic acid gel was therefore awarded the title “Best Innovative Product in Aesthetic Gynaecology” at the Anti-Aging Medicine Europe Congress 2014 in Paris.

Rehydrating and protecting with Desirial Plus

After a certain age, the tissue tends to be more susceptible, especially in the area of the large Labia to shrink. This can result in localised pain and the natural protection of the vulva is compromised. Desirial Plus 1 x 2 ml restores the volume of the labia majora for better protection of the vulva. The elastic Hyaluronic acid gelwhich was developed especially for modelling in the genital area, is typically used in the Area of the vulva and the vaginal entrance. The doctor or alternative practitioner in charge uses a very fine needle, which enables the gel implant to be injected directly under the mucosal tissue to be rehydrated. The procedure takes about 20 minutes. The Result the treatment is immediately perceptible, but reaches its maximum only after two weeks: during this period the treated area increases its volume by 20 to 30 percent. The Shelf life of the treatment takes one to two years. Desirial Plus is the ideal product to restore hydration and comfort in the intimate area. The Mucosa becomes less sensitive to inflammation, so that the symptoms associated with it decrease. Irritations, itching and vulva pain can also be efficiently reduced. To achieve an optimal and long-lasting result additional injection sessions may be necessary.

Injectable, reticulated (net-like) hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin. Prefilled disposable syringe with measuring scale. Vivacy products are developed using IPN-like technology (Interpenetrated Network). The product is approved for intimate surgical treatments.