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Fillmed Bright Booster against pigment spots, which counteracts an uneven complexion and visible hyperpigmentation

Even complexion and radiant appearance with Fillmed Bright Booster


The Fillmed Bright Booster is a cream against pigmentation spots, which counteracts an uneven complexion and visible hyperpigmentation. This highly effective product is based on a high concentration of active ingredients that stimulate cell renewal to gradually fade fine lines and dark areas. By efficiently clearing the skin, it will have a radiant appearance. Antioxidants and melanin blockers counteract the formation of spots. The Pigment Spot Brightener stimulates cell renewal to smooth the complexion and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Existing pigmentation spots are reduced, new spots are prevented. To achieve maximum effects, the Pigmentation Spot Cream should be applied approximately every ten days. It is recommended to shake the bottle well before use to ensure optimal skin care. Ideally, the Anti Stain Cream should be applied directly after cleansing. The consumer should then wait about ten minutes before applying a suitable moisturizer. Due to the high content of active agents, the Pigment Spot Brightener should only be used on three days in the first week of application. During the day a sunscreen should be used as the glycolic acid contained in the product makes the skin more sensitive to light.

Effective and highly concentrated with Fillmed Bright Booster Cream

The Fillmed Bright Booster is designed to improve the skin’s radiance efficiently and lastingly. The skin becomes brighter and more even. Dark spots and visible marks are also reduced. Numerous powerful ingredients such as glycolic acid and phytic acid help to visibly correct the skin tone. The contained glycolic acid has a stimulating Effect on cell regeneration and collagen production. By removing dead skin cells, it makes the skin soft and smooth. As a result, the anti-pigmentation cream reduces pigmentation: the skin appears smoother, brighter and more even overall. The phytic acid it contains inhibits melanin production and stimulates skin regeneration. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant. Additionally Hexylresorcinol to intensively lighten the skin. To ensure optimum effect, the Anti-Stain Cream should be applied to cleansed skin every evening before moisturising. In the first week the product should be applied a maximum of three times. If there is no hypersensitivity, the frequency of application can be gradually reduced to everyday use can be increased. All in all, the Pigmentation Spot Cream is a product that effectively helps to reduce the occurrence of hyperpigmentation. Thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients, the overall complexion appears younger, fresher and more radiant. Strong antioxidant properties protect the skin from the negative influence of free radicals. Ten percent glycolic acid peels the skin, while 2.5 percent phytic acid ensures an even complexion. Added to this is one percent hexylresorcinol to slow down the production of melanin.