Neauvia Organic Intense Lips 1 x 1 ml

65 Gross

  • Injection Depth: Deep Dermis
  • Indication: filling of skin depressions (including deep wrinkles and nasolabial folds), cheek, chin and nose modelling, facial contours


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Neauvia Organic Intense Lips for lip contouring, augmentation and revitalization

Particular elasticity and unique suppleness

Neauvia Organic Intense Lips from Matexlab is a Filler productwhich is aimed at contouring, augmentation and revitalization of the lips. The injectable, net-like hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin is supplied in a pre-filled pre-filled syringe with measuring scale. The product is characterized above all by its special cross-linking. By dispensing with BDDE and stabilizing it with PEG, the allergy risk is significantly reduced. Neauvia Organic Intense Lips contains 24 milligrams of hyaluronic acid per milliliter to achieve optimal results in the sensitive lip area. The gel also contains the amino acids glycine and L-proline, which are two main components of the body’s own collagen. The optimal amount of hyaluronic acid in combination with valuable amino acids ensures the elasticity and naturalness of the lips – for a natural touch that will make even the most demanding patients happy without desire. The special formulation gives the hyaluronic acid gel a special elasticity and unique suppleness, which ensures a natural touch. Thanks to a precise technology for determining the molecular weight of the hyaluronic acid used, the dermal filler an optimum rheological ratio of soft and stiff zones, which can be optimally applied in both superficial and deep injection layers All in all, Neauvia Organic Intense Lips is a highly elastic and resistant product that gently and safely contours, enlarges and revitalizes the lips.

Safe and high quality with Dermal Fillers

Neauvia Organic Intense Lips is suitable for augmentation, contouring and revitalization of the lips. In order to achieve optimal results in the sensitive lip area Results the product contains 24 milligrams of hyaluronic acid per milliliter. Within the scope of the Manufacturing process only the highest quality materials and safest technologies are used, so that doctors and alternative practitioners around the globe can rely on the highest quality. The special processing gives the gel implant not only has a special elasticity, but also allows an optimal adaptation to the natural movements of the lips. The Preparation is biomimetric. Thanks to the special PEG Technology a high safety and compatibility profile is given. The results are immediate after the first treatment visible. Because the hyaluronic acid gel is generally only broken down very slowly by the body, the patient can expect particularly long-lasting results. The injection should only be performed by medically qualified, specially trained personnel in accordance with local regulations. One packaging unit contains a disposable syringe containing one millilitre of the preparation.