Revanesse® 2 x 1 ml

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Injection depth: medium to deep dermis

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Revanesse for wrinkle treatment of deep wrinkles and for volume increase in the middle facial area

Highly concentrated composition and absolute compatibility

Revanesse of Prollenium is one of Dermal Filling existing product line based on a highly cross-linked monophasic gel for the treatment of deep wrinkles and for volume build-up in the mid-facial area. The highly concentrated product is considered safe, comfortable and long-lasting. The hyaluronic acid contained in the product is a natural substance that is found everywhere in the human body where it has a water-storing function. The Revanesse solutions are manufactured using a patented high-tech process based on the latest scientific findings. In this way, the patient receives the best possible result and the longest duration of action. By injecting the products directly into the skin, they return its freshness, youthful radiance and shine. Because the products are made from 100 percent plant and not animal ingredients, no skin or allergy tests are required before treatment. For the patient, this means that the Revanesse solutions are absolutely compatible. The aging process can thus be stopped in a safe and gentle way.

The manufacturer

Prollenium is a Canadian company founded in 2002 that develops innovative aesthetic medical devices. The focus on medical aesthetics, combined with a fully integrated development and production approach, enables the manufacturer to create products that make the work of physicians and alternative practitioners around the world easier. First-class manufacturing standards ensure that Prollenium products reliably meet the needs of patients around the world. No wonder that the products are represented in more than 80 countries worldwide.

The product

The Revanesse solutions represent a unique portfolio injectable fillers, the for treatment of the entire face can be used to provide a more youthful appearance. The Preparations are based on the latest advances in networking technology. Revanesse is safe, high-quality and highly concentrated – for efficient and instant resultswhich on average last nine to twelve months. The clear, biodegradable, plant-based hyaluronic acid gels have been developed for various indications and can without doubt be considered one of the safest product lines on the market. The duration of action depends on age, the degree of correction required and lifestyle. The Revanesse solutions are applied by an experienced doctor or alternative practitioner in the medium to deep dermis injected, to reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines, make puppet lines disappear, improve the volume in the middle of the face and reduce nasiolabial wrinkles In addition, the long-lasting, highly viscous gel for subcutaneous injection is ideal for shaping and creating facial contours. Lost volume in areas such as the chin and cheeks can be efficiently restored. Revanesse should not be injected into the lips.