Silhouette Soft® 12 cones | 10 threads

915 Gross

Indication: for stimulation of fibroblasts in subcutaneous tissue and for restructuring of collagen fibres

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Silhouette Soft for a natural and lasting lifting effect

Enormous tractive force and high biocompatibility

The Silhouette Soft 12 Cones 10 threads from Sinclair are absorbable, biocompatible threads made of polylactic acid that provide a natural and lasting lifting effect without surgery. Twelve bi-directional cones serve to stimulate fibroblasts and restructure collagen fibres in subcutaneous tissue. The polylactic acid used is a high-quality polymer that has been used in medicine for many years. As an absorbable food material it looks back on a long success story. Today, polylactic acid is generally recognized as safe. The polymer is biocompatible and bioresorbable. The degradation process has already been investigated in numerous studies. The Silhouette Soft threads are additionally equipped with fixed cones. They can only be inserted into the subcutaneous tissue in the direction of the tips of the cones. After they have been tightened slightly, they provide a tractive force that can be used to straighten hanging tissue. In this way a sagging face can be repositioned. After about twelve weeks, the stitches begin to dissolve without leaving any residue. However, the lifting and rejuvenating effect is retained in the tissue thanks to collagenesis.

Lifting and regenerative with Silhouette Soft

The Silhouette Soft 12 Cones 10 threads are based on a new type of technology, which twofold effect has: On the one hand a lifting and on the other hand a regenerative effect. The lifting effect provides for instant resultsDuring the treatment, the doctor or alternative practitioner in charge can define the area in question so that the patient’s facial contours look firmer and more youthful. The volume-giving effect provides step-by-step results: The natural collagen production is stimulated by the absorption of the thread material. Thus the treated area is further improved, resulting in a solid support matrix. The Silhouette Soft threads are the only product on the medical aestheticswhich combines both modes of action. The product consists of glycolic and polylactic acid – components that are completely broken down by the patient’s body within ten to twelve months. The bi-directional cones ensure excellent anchoring of the thread in the subcutaneous tissue.

Resorbable, biocompatible threads of polylactic acid (PLA) with 12 bi-directional cones for stimulation of fibroblasts in subcutaneous tissue and restructuring of collagen fibres. The thread begins to break down in the skin after about 12 weeks. The entire thread and the cones dissolve without residue. The lifting effect is maintained by collagenesis in the tissue. Natural and sustainable anti-ageing without surgery. Silhouette Soft threads manufactured in the USA are currently the only absorbable polylactic acid threads with bi-directional, absorbable cones on the market. One treatment – two effects: Lifting effect & volume increase. Compared to a thread lift with PDO threads, treatment with Silhouette Soft threads is more invasive. For this reason, we sell Silhouette sutures exclusively to doctors who have already been trained. Shipping is GDP-compliant and takes place with the DIN EN ISO 22716:2008-12 (ISO 22716:2007) certified coolant transport system Protect+ Cool System. The cold chain in the temperature range of 2° – 8° Celsius can thus be maintained for up to 120 hours (5 days) for shipping.