Single Cog yarns

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  • Indication: For lifting the chin line, facial contouring, for mid-face treatments, hanging cheeks, as well as for neck, chest and body lifting.


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Single Cog threads for lifting the chin line, on neck, chest and body lifts

Firming reaction and immediate lifting effect

The Single Cog yarns from EpLine are PDO ThreadsThese are tailored to lift the chin line, to lift the neck, chest and body and to contour the face. Hanging cheeks can also be treated efficiently. The absorbable, biocompatible polydioxanone threads aim to restructure the collagen fibres to provide a long-lasting lifting effect. The PDO sutures themselves dissolve without residue after a few weeks, so that the patient does not need to worry about possible residues. By stimulating collagenesis in the tissue, the product makes a natural and lasting anti-aging treatment possible without surgery. Thanks to the unidirectional barbs that the single-cog threads have, the product can be placed in the tissue with great precision. The immediate lifting effect can be achieved in almost all areas of the body where volume is required. As a rule, three to four PDO threads are inserted per body or face side. As the muscles are contracted, the effect is immediate after the session. In addition, a firming reaction is set in motion, which prevents the tissue from slackening and stimulates the formation of new collagen fibres – for an immediate and lasting lifting effect that will make even the most demanding patients perfectly happy. Only local anaesthesia is required for the treatment – the procedure therefore allows an almost immediate return to everyday life.

Tightened and revitalized with Single Cog threads

The effect of the Single Cog yarns is based on the anchoring in subcutaneous tissuewhose aim is to have a tightening effect on slack tissue. The PDO threads literally form a net that Fabrics supports, lifts the face and turns into a clear Jaw definition leads. The aim is to return the skin to its original position. Although immediately after the procedure Improvement is visible, optimal success is only achieved after two to three months. The aesthetic lifting effect is particularly effective for wrinkles on the cheeks, the chin line and the corners of the mouth. But also sagging skin areas can be treated effectively. Patients who opt for a Facial treatment you will find that the face looks slimmer and more revitalized. In addition, the contours can be redefined. The small Barb act like a pulling mechanism that gives the skin optimal hold and prevents it from sinking again. The result that is produced is impressive because of its natural appearance, its combinability with other methods and its arbitrary repeatability. The procedure may only be performed by experienced doctors and alternative practitioners who have received appropriate training.

For lifting the chin line, face contouring, for mid-face treatments, hanging cheeks, as well as for neck, chest and body lifting.
Resorbable, biocompatible polydioxanone (PDO) filaments for restructuring collagen fibres. The thread dissolves without residue after a few weeks. The lifting effect is maintained by collagenesis in the tissue. Natural and sustainable anti-ageing without surgery. The Cog threads have unidirectional barbs, which allows the placement of the thread in the fabric to be very precise. The immediately visible lifting effect and the relatively robust thread promote the use of the thread in larger areas of the body with a large volume requirement. The threads are also available as Blunt Canulla.