Spiral Cog | 25G | 38mm | 60mm – 1 x 4 pieces

50 Gross

Indication: for restructuring of collagen fibres. Treatment on the chest, neck, upper arms, stomach or thighs.

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Spiral Cog threads especially for eyebrow lifting.

 Minimally invasive procedure and immediate lifting effect

These spiral cog threads from the company EpLine “one of the most renowned manufacturers of PDO threads worldwide” were specially developed for eyebrow modelling and lifting.
They are equipped with spirally arranged rehooks (Cogs), which allow an exact positioning of the desired eyebrow shape and eyebrow height. to make this possible.
The collagenesis-stimulating effect of these PDO threads (Polydianxanane threads) enabled it that the results obtained will be available up to 2 years after the Resorption are preserved.
The biocompatible Spiral cog threads enable short and safe non-invasive applications with immediately visible lifting effects

Efficient and long-term with Spiral Cogs threads

The spiral COG sutures from EpLine made of fully degradable and biocompatible material consist of polydioxanonewhich has been used for decades throughout the world as a surgical suture material and has also been used in plastic chirogy for about 15 years. A treatment with PDO sutures is almost painlessas the areas to be treated are first locally anaesthetised. The quantity of sutures to be used depends on the desired result. The one hundred percent resorbable, biocompatible sutures made of polydioxanone are inserted subcutaneously using a very fine needle. There, they form a stable network which significantly tightens the skin structure due to the resulting tensile stress and the increased build-up of the body’s own fibrin and collagen in the treated area. Slight haematomas or swellingAfter the treatment, they generally subside completely within a few days. The special barbs of the PDO sutures are designed to fix and support the skin tissue in different directions for long term results and efficient anchoring. The pull that the threads exert on the skin causes a lifting effect that reduces the depth of wrinkles and tightens sagging skin. The lifting effect is immediately visible and the volume effect develops after two to three months. In total, the effect lasts up to 2 years.

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Resorbable, biocompatible polydioxanone (PDO) filaments for restructuring collagen fibres The threads dissolve without residue after a few weeks. The lifting effect is maintained by collagenesis in the tissue. Natural and lasting anti – aging without surgery. These Spiral Cog threads have barbs which are arranged in a spiral around the thread. The filling effect, the lifting effect and the tensile strength of the thread in the tissue are significantly increased compared to double cogs. The placement of the thread in the fabric can be performed very precisely. The immediately visible lifting effect is maintained for a long time.
There are both lace needles and  Blunt Cannulas at your disposal.