STYLAGE® S Lidocaine 2 x 0.8 ml

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Stylage S Lidocaine for the treatment of superficial facial wrinkles, fine crow’s feet and small wrinkles on the upper lip

Long lasting effect and enormous safety

Stylage S Lidocaine from Vivacy is a Filler productwhich is suitable for the treatment of superficial facial wrinkles, fine crow’s feet and small wrinkles on the upper lip. The product also leads to a lasting skin rehydration. The injectable, cross-linked hyaluronic acid preparation of non-animal origin in combination with mannitol is administered in a pre-filled disposable cannula with measuring scale. The gel implant is produced according to the IPN-Like technology, which leads to an enormous safety and high elasticity. The combination with the antioxidant mannitol prevents undesired skin reactions. In addition, the technology produces a particularly long-lasting effect. The special cannulas are predestined for the Sliding Injection Technique, where a single point can be used to treat a larger area. For a painless injection and increased treatment comfort, the preparation contains 0.3 percent lidocaine. The hyaluronic acid gel acts in the upper and middle layers of the dermis, where it eliminates superficial lines, crow’s feet, glabella wrinkles and puppet lines. Dark rings under the eyes can also be treated efficiently. Even the most demanding patients will be delighted with the treatment and the correction effect. The preparation is especially suitable for younger skin.

Silky soft and pain relieving with Stylage S Lidocaine

With increasing age, the skin loses its original elasticity and natural resilience, because hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for Moisture storage is no longer sufficiently produced by the tissue. This results in the first superficial wrinkles, which become deeper over time. This process can be successfully counteracted with Stylage S Lidocaine 2 x 0.8 ml: The product has been specially developed to ensure a silky smooth injection and pain-relieving treatment without displacement pain. Wrinkles on the forehead, mouth and nose are efficiently smoothed and corrected. The contours of the cheeks and lips can also be modelled with lasting effect. Due to the antioxidant mannitol, which is added as part of the IPN-Like technology with double 3D matrix, the fast Degradation of the hyaluronic acid gel delayed. The contained hyaluronic acid is completely natural, biodegradable and toxin-free. All in all, Stylage S Lidocaine is characterised by its unique elasticity and long-life durability which provide a natural result and a strong replenishing effect. This ensures a fast, reliable and straightforward treatment which enables smoothing, hydration and remodelling of the entire tissue. The high viscosity and precise concentration of the preparation allows for exact adjustment to the respective treatment goal. Patients are very fond of Stylage S Lidocaine 2 x 0.8 ml, because it guarantees an extremely natural correction effect that occurs immediately. The shelf life is about one year.